Re: Squarespace, the Web and Me

A Few Fun Facts:

• I’m a Cleveland native – my parents immigrated here in the 70’s from Taipei, Taiwan – but have called LA my home for the past 16 years.

• In elementary school, I was in the “gifted program”. We would get pulled out of class to do brain teasers and word games, and sometimes our advisor would walk us over to the public library to print articles from “the Internet” which could only be accessed on the computer they kept in the librarian’s office.

• My first email was

• I started building websites in the early 2000’s using buggy site builders and Dreamweaver. By then we had graduated from dial-up modems to DSL, but my websites still featured 30-second Triscuit-sized video clips b/c that was how much bandwidth we had. This was before the iPhone. This was before MySpace (r.i.p.), Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or any social media was ruining lives.

• I graduated to Wordpress. Pretty good, pretty robust. But lots of third-party plugins and, at the time, didn’t display right on different screen sizes.

• I first encountered Squarespace years in 2012, years before it premiered its first commercial during Superbowl halftime. It was a site showcasing an NYC illustrator’s work. The topography and design were slick, and so was the code. The backend was intuitive and the sites were responsive…Baby, you and I will meet again.

• Fast forward to this year, I took the leap and launched my new Squarespace web design studio, and here we are!  

Alice Lin